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From sole proprietorships to the nation's largest corporations, Sagassé Media Group (SMG) designs communications solutions that yield engagement. The SMG team — with four decades of combined expertise in Corporate Communications, Media Relations and Social Media Management — can help your organization more effectively tell its story.


About Us

Sagassé Media Group goes well beyond mere public relations. SMG is a full spectrum media firm offering communications and consultation services across traditional, new and emerging media platforms. Correlatively, we are adept at crafting messaging across every mode of communication – written, verbal, visual and in-person communications.

What Sets Us Apart

The Sagassé team – composed of highly-skilled and accomplished professionals from multiple fields of endeavor – offers a combined experience of more than four decades of communications prowess. Our team comprises published authors, filmmakers, photographers, audio engineers, marketing/advertising experts and, of course, traditional PR practitioners.

Employee Engagement &
Corporate Communications

Effective Messaging To Any Stakeholder Group

Whether drafting workplace rules for a small family-owned business or composing the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion policies for a large manufacturing company, the Sagassé team intuitively understands the concerns and aspirations of employee populations and how best to engage genuinely and authentically.

Media Relations

We Get Your Stories Told

In addition to our long standing relationships throughout traditional and new media, we still recognize garnering coverage is an endeavor of equal parts art and science. At Sagassé, we skillfully and creatively identify that point of intersectionality between the story our clients want to tell and the story the media's audiences want to hear.

Social Media Management

Our Techniques Drive Engagement

By combining evocative, visual storytelling, poignant still imagery and compelling narratives, Sagassé creates vibrant social media campaigns with heart and resonance. We will:​

  • Create/Enhance deployment strategy & tactics

  • Create & curate content

  • Enhance Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Review, analyze & interpret analytics

Harper Counseling & Consulting

Kiva Harper

Mental Health




Areas of Specialization

Harper Counseling & Consulting

Kiva Harper

At Sagassé Media Group, we've worked with businesses around the neighborhood and around the nation. In every case, we drive desired business outcomes through the strategic use of communications.

Connect with Us

1201 N. Watson Road

Suite 174-H

Arlington, TX 76006

(+1) 214-233-5743

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